Personal Economic Damages

In the area of personal economic damages, Trugman Valuation offers a full line of services specifically geared towards individuals. Our service areas include, but are not necessarily limited to: personal injury, employment and malpractice damages. Personal damages engagements generally relate to the calculation of lost income due to the loss of employment. This may result from medical malpractice, an automobile accident, a workplace injury, wrongful death or wrongful termination of employment.

Damages can also result from a legal, accounting or valuation malpractice issue where the individual, rather than a business, has lost money due to negligence. In cases like these, Trugman Valuation can provide invaluable insight regarding the true nature of the damages.

Trugman Valuation performs its services for both plaintiffs and defendants. We can either calculate the economic damages suffered by the plaintiff or work with the defense team to try to minimize the damages claimed by the plaintiff. Trugman Valuation can be a beneficial member of either team.

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