Business Valuation Services

Business valuation assignments will vary depending on their purpose. Therefore, it is important that we understand the purpose of the assignment before the process can begin. More often than not, the purpose will influence the standard of value, the methodologies used, the level of research performed, and possibly the date of the valuation. Business valuation assignments may be for an entire company, a fractional interest in a company, or a bundle of assets (and maybe liabilities) that are going to be sold. Whether the company is large or small, the valuation theory is the same. If the valuation is of an interest in a company, there may be certain types of valuation discounts associated with them.

At Trugman Valuation, we more than understand business valuation. For almost three decades, our experienced team of business valuation professionals have handled thousands of matters, both nationally and internationally. We have become recognized nationally as leading authorities in our field. Our fully accredited principals have been called upon countless times as lecturers, expert witnesses, and advisors to the bench, the bar, and the CPA community, as well as to Boards of Directors and business owners.

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