Estate, Gift and Income Tax

Trugman Valuation’s estate and gift tax professionals have significant experience in the preparation of business valuations for these tax-related areas. With almost 30 years of experience working with attorneys, CPAs, financial planners and other estate planning professionals, Trugman Valuation has developed a clear understanding of the rules and regulations impacting taxpayers and taxing authorities, particularly with respect to issues involved in the valuation of closely-held business interests. At Trugman Valuation, we are familiar with the various tax provisions impacting this area of practice. Our Principals, Linda and Gary Trugman also qualify as qualified appraisers under the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

Trugman Valuation assists its clients through all phases of the valuation process, including audit and U.S. Tax Court proceedings. We work with the client’s attorneys, accountants and estate planning professionals toward resolution of the issues that arise in this area of practice. Trugman Valuation has also worked directly for the taxing authorities on valuation matters. We are well versed in U.S. Tax Court decisions concerning valuation discounts and premiums, S Corporation issues and built-in gains tax liability issues, to name just a few.

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