Newsletters 2008

Winter 2008

  • Debate Over Tax-Affecting Plays Out in Divorce Case
  • Characterization of Professional Goodwill Under Continued Scrutiny
  • Court Erred by Excluding Value of Noncompete From Enterprise Goodwill
  • Case of First Impression: Does Statutory Fair Value Include a Control Premium?

Spring 2008

  • Florida Court Considers Prohibiting Marketability Discounts in Divorce
  • In a World of Diverse BV Standards, Credentials and Competency are Critical
  • Must Experts Verify Client Financials in Calculating Economic Loss?
  • Does Fair Value of FLP Include Marketability and Minority Discounts?
  • Valuation Experts Required to Have Clear Credentials, Experience, and Methods

Summer 2008

  • Working with Appraisers in Valuing the Small Business
  • IRS Proposes Writing Kohler out of the Law
  • Owner Testimony as to Lost Profit Inadmissable
  • Lack of Independent Business Valuation Affects Viability of Fraud Claims

Fall 2008

  • Astleford Has it All: Latest Tax Court Case on FLP Discounts, Data, and More
  • Pros and Pitfalls of Retaining a Joint Appraisal Expert
  • Does Solvency Determination Require Courts to Value Debts at Book Value?
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