Newsletters 2007

Winter 2007

  • Bullet-proofing a Buy-Sell: Problem Areas to Address Before Signing the Agreement
  • Intangible Asset Valuations: Spot These Common Errors Before Going into Court
  • Divorce Court Denies ‘Marketability Discount’ That Include Costs of Sale
  • Kohler: Textbook Valuation of Large Closely Held Leads to Total Victory for Taxpayer

Spring 2007

  • Reviewing Valuation Reports: Make Sure Third-Party Data Is Attributed and Analyzed
  • Top Ten Ways to Succeed in a Judicial Appraisal Action
  • Allocation of Stock Purchase Price to Non-Compete Must Be Clear, Unambiguous
  • Another FLP Deduction Disallowed for Lack of Viable Business Purpose

Summer 2007

  • Lawyers and Appraisers Alike Should Beware the Overly Litigious Client
  • Lost Profits Calculations Must Reflect “Real World”
  • Two Economic Damages Cases Dismissed for Lack of Reliable Valuation Evidence
  • BV Appraiser Challenged Under Daubert for Reliance On Third-Party Reports

Fall 2007

  • What CPAs and Attorneys Should Know About the New AICPA Valuation Standards
  • Court Outlines Key Factors In Calculating Lost Profits For Un-established Business
  • “Splitting the Difference” Is Not an Acceptable Valuation Method in Divorce
  • Another ‘Bad Facts’ FLP Falls to Established Criteria of Section 2036(a)
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