5th Edition of Understanding Business Valuation Now Available!

Trugman Valuation Associates is proud to announce that the 5th Edition of Gary Trugman’s Understanding Business Valuation has been published by the AICPA. This 1,250 page textbook is now being used by valuation professionals, as well as in the college market. Whether you perform business valuations, are learning business valuation or are a user of business valuation services, this book is sure to come in handy. This edition is full of updated and new information and can be purchased from the AICPA by clicking here.


Trugman Valuation Associates’ business valuation and litigation support services have been rendered for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, family law matters, business damages, lender liability litigation, buy-sell agreements, shareholder litigation, estate and gift tax matters, buying and selling businesses, malpractice litigation, wrongful death, sexual discrimination, age discrimination, wrongful termination and breach of contract. Representation in litigation includes plaintiff, defendant, mutual and court-appointed neutral.


Trugman Valuation Associates, Inc. is located in Plantation, Florida and Parsippany, New Jersey and provides services wherever the business is located. For more information, please call 844-TRUGMAN or visit our website.

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